We New York City women love a soft cotton tee or cashmere sweater paired with skinny jeans and pumps. Too often these expensive, delicate tops get friction holes – sometimes only after the first wear – where the top meets the jeans. That’s why I founded Ulterior Couture® and created the patented Savetee (Patent No. US 10,004,287 B2). It is an accessory with a purpose. Manufactured right in the heart of New York City’s garment district, our brand is made of the finest silk and the hottest trending prints.  It buttons right onto most jeans to help shield luxury tops while accessorizing with a pop of color. The many styles in our ever expanding collection have slight differences in color and pattern, which makes each Savetee one-of-a-kind unique. At last, women can add a splash of color, similar to a man’s pocket square, while protecting our favorite tops.  


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