Hello world.  What better way to dodge my snowballing holiday to-do list than to launch my first blog.  No big snowstorm has hit New York, but the blizzard of the holiday season is upon us coast to coast and it can be brutal – let’s face it – especially for women.  We put up the tree, tackle the gift list, stuff the holiday cards, show face at school pageants and holiday parties, and somehow still find time for conference calls, workout training sessions and even a blow out.  No one can get sh*t done like a woman.  So whether your packing for a getaway to sun in Tulum or fresh powder in Aspen, or frantically planning your Christmas Eve menu for 20, we women all need to press and hold the holiday pause button.  Make sure that in these last few torrential days we do something, even for only a couple minutes a day, to escape the madness and breathe.  Happy Holidays!

Paula T., Founder of Ulterior Couture

I break out of the City gridlock to horseback ride with my girl. Ulterior Couture Python Print Savetee, L’Agence Jeans, Acne Studios Sweater, James Perse T-shirt, Fendi Boots, and Nicole Benisti Jacket.